Whole Nursery Christmas Jumper Competition

Throughout the week commencing 6th December we will be having a Christmas Jumper competition, please bring your little one in their favorite Christmas jumper there will be prizes for the best ones.


Whole Nursery Chinese New Year

During the 31st of January and 4th February we are celebrating Chinese New Year.

To celebrate this your child is invited to come to nursery wearing red to represent happiness, success and good fortune in the Chinese culture.

We will also be taking part in lots of arts and craft activities as well as sampling some lovely Chinese foods.


Whole Nursery Send a card to a friend day


This is a fun day to think about friends and friendships and to encourage some writing too, writing greeting cards helps children with their name writing in a meaningful way and also gets them to think about another persons point of view; the recipient of the card.


Whole Nursery Valentines Disco

On Monday 14th February we are looking forward to Valentines party at Happy Tots, please bring your children in their favourite party clothes


Whole Nursery Random of Acts of Kindness Day


Randoms acts of kindness day is exactly what it sound like,  we will be encouraging the children to think about what kindness is and what kind acts they can perform.  They will love the challenge of surprising you and others with kindness.


Whole Nursery World Wildlife Day

World wildlife day was created by the united nations general assembly to celebrate and raise awareness of the worlds wild animals and plants.  The day presents another opportunity for utilising childrens affinity with nature to foster their learning.


Whole Nursery British Science Week

British Science week is a 10 day celebration of science, technology , engineering and maths.  it is a chance t focus on mathematics or engage the childrens interest in scientific topics such as space exploration which is always popular.


Whole Nursery World Oral Health Day (Sunday 20th)



There can never be too many occasions for  instilling the children the importance of keeping their teeth clean, World oral health day aims to deliver that message to children of all ages all over the world.  From the 21st of March too the 25th of March we will focus on fun and engaging activities that can help build good habits that can last a life time


Whole Nursery National Pet Month


National Pet month celebrates pets of all type and promotes responsible pet owners, pets are always a popular topic for young children even those that do not have any at home.  We hope our resources serves as a starting point for some fun and engaging learning about pets.


Whole Nursery World Health Day

World Health day takes place on the 7th April each year, it is the anniversary of the 1948 foundation of the world health organisation.  Even from a young age children begin to think about their own health and of the other around them, at Happy Tots we help encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote good habits of exercise, hygiene, and a healthy diet through some fun experiences and healthy choices.


Whole Nursery International Dance Day


International dance day was founded in 1982.  The intention of the international dance day is too celebrate dance, revel in the university of this art form, across all political, cultural and ethnic barrier, bringing people together in a common language of dance.  In early years we value and encourage children to express themselves through movement; bringing benefits for their body and minds.


Whole Nursery National Walking Month


National walking month is an effort to get everyone walking as much as possible, as stated on the British Heart Foundation website” walking is a fantastic way to keep active and maintain a healthy heart as it is fun flexible and free.  We encourage everyone to walk to nursery where possible and at nursery we will take this opportunity to develop and understand the benefits of  an active lifestyle.


Whole Nursery National Numeracy Day

Developing a string grounding in number is essential so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically, by providing frequent and varied opportunities to build and apply mathematics children will develop a secure base for a starting point.  It is important that the early years includes rich opportunities for children to develop skills across all areas of mathematics including shape, space and measure.


Toddlers Child Safety Week


Child Safety Week is an annual community education campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

We help families build confidence and skills in managing the real risks to children’s safety. We want all children to have the freedom to grow and learn, safe from serious harm.

Throughout this week we will concentrating on Road Safety within our toddler and Pre-School rooms

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