Trip To The Cenotaph

 In Out of School Club

Happy Tots Day Nursery Breakfast and After School club were showing a great interest in Armistice Day all last week, they enjoyed creating their own Poppies and discussing the reasons behind this day and why we have a Remembrance Sunday.

We were able to discuss that it is a time that we can think about and show our respect to those that have served in the War and for those that past away. One of our children was really intrigued as their Grandfathers name is on the cenotaph at our local park.

It was due to their interest that we thought it would be a great idea to take a trip after school to show the children the cenotaph, take time to look at the poppies that people had laid there on the Sunday and lay our own made crafts.

It was a great having all the children look for and find the names of two of our children’s late relations.

It was nice being able to share this with our After School Club.

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