Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

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Fire safety and children – firework safety tips

It is always best to go to a properly organised display, but if you do decide to celebrate at home we have some easy tips to follow:

  • To make sure you don’t hurt yourself, always wear gloves when playing with sparklers.
  • It’s a really good idea to have a bucket of water close-by to put sparklers in when they have finished – remember they are still really hot even when they have gone out.
  • When your family buy fireworks, they need to always be British Standard marked fireworks in compliance with registered number: BS7 114.
  • Fireworks should always be kept in a sealed metal box or biscuit tin, take one out at a time and never put fireworks in your pockets.
  • It is really important that the adult responsible for arranging and lighting the fireworks reads all the instructions using a torch and not a naked flame.
  • A responsible adult should always light fireworks at arm’s length, using the taper provided.
  • Never, ever throw a firework.
  • Once a firework has been lit, don’t go anywhere near it – make sure everyone watching is a safe distance away.
  • If you have a bonfire it should be built far away from any hedges, buildings or fences, and there should be a garden hose ready in case of any emergencies.
  • Never light a bonfire with petrol. Petrol fumes can remain on clothing.
  • Take care around open flames such as bonfires and barbeques – even clothes labelled ‘low flammability’ can catch fire.
  • Keep all pets indoors.
  • Oh and finally, this one is for mums, dads or anyone organising a display at home: fireworks and alcohol do not mix – it’s a good idea to nominate an adult who isn’t drinking at the party to be in charge of the fireworks.

For more firework and bonfire safety tips please visit: Bonfire Night

We hope you have a great bonfire night, stay safe and remember to wrap up warm

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