Top Tips For Tooth Care

 In Whole Nursery

Smile4Life promotes 4 key messages to keep our teeth healthy:

1. Encourage healthy eating and drinking

2. Encourage regular tooth brushing

3. Encourage a healthy lifestyle

4. Visit a dentist regularly

Encourage healthy eating and drinking

Keep all foods and drinks containing sugar to mealtimes

Snack on fruit and /or vegetables between meals

Drink only water and milk between meals

Recommended Daily Sugar Allowance

1-2 years, 3 cubes, 11 grams

3-4 years, 4 cubes, 15 grams

4-6 years, 5 cubes, 19 grams

7-10 years, 6 cubes, 24 grams

11 years and up, 7.5 cubes, 30 grams

How does dental decay happen?

The Decay Chain: Plaque Bacteria + Sugar = Acid Acid + Teeth = Tooth Decay

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