Firework Safety

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Our Tips for Firework Safety

Choose quality: By law, you must only buy fireworks that are CE marked to prove their quality and authenticity. If fireworks do not have this mark, they are illegal – and potentially dangerous

Read the instructions carefully: Each firework should have its own detailed instructions, which you should read thoroughly. This seems like an obvious tip, but the manufacturers know their products the best and, therefore, the advice for each individual firework should be followed closely.

Keep pets indoors: Fireworks can make animals agitated or over-excited. A pet running amok in the garden when explosives, like fireworks, are being lit is extremely unsafe and can result in injury to themselves and humans. Keep your pets safely locked up in the house during your home firework display.

Keep flames away from fireworks: Until it comes time to light the firework, the fireworks should be stored in the box they arrived in, out of children’s reach, and away from flames or other flammable materials. Out in the garden, nobody should be smoking or creating any other fire, save the flame used to light the firework

Choose a responsible person: It’s best to choose one responsible person to light the fireworks. This chosen person should not drink alcohol before or during lighting fireworks to ensure they are fully competent in the role and alert to danger.

Anchor and aim correctly: You first need to make sure the firework is anchored securely in place where it will not topple over. Make sure the firework is aimed away from spectators and buildings.

Light at arm’s length with a taper: Light fireworks one at a time, and never place your body in the path of a firework while lighting. Instead, use a taper at arm’s length to light the firework, and move quickly backwards to a safe distance once the fuse is lit.

Stand well back: All spectators should stand well back of the firework, as sparks can fly out from the bottom of rockets, and from all angles in the case of Roman Candles and Catherine Wheels. This distance is also just basic safety should something go amiss.

Supervise children: Firework night is understandably exciting for children, which is why they should be supervised at all times during a firework display. In the case of sparklers, stand with your child as they have their turn, and don’t give sparklers to children who are five years old and under.

Have water on standby: Sparklers should be dunked in a bucket of water to extinguish them. A water supply should also be nearby in case of emergencies, too.

Do not attempt to relight a malfunctioning firework: Occasionally, a dud firework may find its way into your box. In this case, don’t attempt to relight a firework that is not lighting. Instead, carefully place them in a bucket of water overnight.

How to dispose of fireworks: Both used successful fireworks and unused faulty fireworks should be submerged fully in a bucket of water for a few hours, or even overnight.

Have fun and stay safe this bonfire night!

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